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In One Bike Tanzania we run cultural-adventure cycling expeditions in the Kilimanjaro region. From mountain treks to culturally rich tours around Moshi City. 

In 2020, while the Covid-19 pandemic was hitting, the One Bike team decided to organize a race around Kilimanjaro. The goal: it should be both affordable for locals, attractive for tourists and have positive social impact for the local community.

Le Tour de Kili was born.


One Bike Tanzania
One Bike Tanzania


I’m Hillary Matemu and I am the founder and owner of One Bike Tanzania.

I’m 26 years old born and raised in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro and grew up in the Chagga villages. I’m MTB Kilimanjaro expert, cyclist soul, environment lover, community empowerment builder.

Bicycles have become my lifestyle as well my work. Not only am I using bicycles to empower youth and women by providing bicycle maintenance and repair trainings in our One Bike workshop. I am also fighting for environmental awareness through the Re-cycling tours I organize every month.

I am organizing LE TOUR DE KILI with the special purpose of empowering women to get on the bicycle. Therefore we donate bicycles to the groups of women in the community.

You have the same passion of cycling or wish to make an impact? I want to welcome you to LE TOUR DE KILI in Tanzania.


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