Social Impact

“The aim of Le Tour de Kili is not only to create a unique Tanzanian sport experience for all starters in the race. Together with the projects that we do within One Bike Tanzania, we work on creating positive social impact.”

Hillary Mattemu – Race Organizer

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Join the race, ride with us and we will donate one bike for the woman’s community during the next donation event.

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Do you have a company? Do you have any idea? We are willing of hearing it and collaborate with you in order to maximize the impact.

Social Impact Numbers of 'Le Tour de Kili'

Women on Bikes

In the ‘Women on Bikes’ project we donate bikes to groups of local women in remote areas, which facilitates mobility and independence.

Bicycles help women to increase their social status and income, but also their confidence. A bike is always shared within a group. The women’s families benefit likewise. Accordingly, the positive impact reaches way beyond selected individuals.

LE TOUR DE KILI has already donated 50 bikes thanks to the two past editions. We focus on Kahe district women group  which cares for the environment by planting fruit trees on school grounds in the south area of Moshi.

women on bikes

Bikes donated

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People benefit


Bike donated per 360° starter

Sustainable Travel

Since our born we are fighting and promoting for sustainable travel options.

Motorized Safaris in Tanzania surge. Le Tour de Kili by the way, is a sustainable alternative to experience the beauty of Tanzanian nature.

Bicycle tourism creates less damage to the environment and increases awareness for more environmental friendly transport options.

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people inspired to undertake touristic bicycle tours

Talent Development

In Tanzania, biking is not commonly executed as a sport yet and because we believe that visibility its crucial, we inspire locals of all ages to take it on.

For each Kili 360° participant, a starting place is given to selected Tanzanian participants.

Additionally, One Bike Tanzania and Le Tour de Kili want to show locals new income opportunities by empowering locals to enter the bicycle industry.

For now, thanks to the work we are doing, more than 10 locals young and entrepreneurs have gone into the bicycle industry, whereas developing their own company or training bicycle in a way to try to become professionals. 


Financed Starting Places

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Locals Inspired into Bicycle Industry


Starting Place Financed per 360° starter

Create impact together with le Tour de Kili

Le Tour de Kili is a young, offbeat stage race. We love to work with corporate, governmental or NGO partners.

Reach out, if you are interested in creating better opportunities for women and help to develop Tanzanian bike culture.

Can you provide bikes, spares, gear, reach? Would you like to be featured as a partner of Tour de Kili? Complete the form to share your ideas with us!